Get a personal recruiting coach

Many players receive recruiting guidance from their club teams and our service complements their recruiting efforts.

For players and parents without access to those resources, a personal recruiting coach can help you get insight and answers with a 1-on-1 recruiting consultation.

We review your recruit profile, highlight video and list of target colleges to help you create an actionable recruiting plan.

"Nick as a recruit coach and his MVP Report Card were invaluable to us in the process, especially starting so young. The 1-on-1 advice is second to none, just pure open and honest, can’t ask for anything more."

Dylan O'Donnell, Rhode Island, 2017

"My call with Nick really helped substantiate the steps I've taken so far. I have focused my target list and better understand the process. My dad and I look forward to our next conversation."

Liam Lilienthal, New Jersey, 2016

"Nick was very helpful, especially coming from outside a lacrosse hotbed. He helped me target schools that made sense and get the confidence to reach out to those coaches."

Trammel Robinson, Tennessee, 2016