Sign up email and photo

Recruits should join as a player, not a coach and then add their parents info below and in recruit info tab. Parents can then log into a recruit's account using their parent email and the account password.

Every ConnectLAX member needs a profile picture, which helps us build a real community. College coaches are 125% more likely to click on a recruit profile showing the players face.

Without a picture, your profile will not be public and if a recruit, not listed in our Recruit Finder.

Set your profile to public in privacy settings and upload a profile picture in profile info.

Please ensure your picture is square and .jpg or .png file. If you are signing up and having an issue uploading your profile picture, try using a different browser such as Chrome or Safari.

A photo is optional when signing up on your phone, but is required to make your profile public.

Questions about an existing profile, watch our recruit tutorial. Note: design updated; functionality same.