What do my messages look like?

Your messages include your own subject, body and attachments just like a normal email. We add key player info, coach info and break out your video at the request of college coaches.

College coaches know ConnectLAX messages organize all your player info and video in one place so they can easily evaluate you and possibly get you on their recruiting radar.

The message goes directly to the coach and they can reply directly back to you within or outside of the messaging system. You can also message coaches directly and include your profile link, which opens with all your info and video, along with coach database integrations.

We've built compliance flags into our messaging system. As mentioned, you can always share your public profile link directly with college coaches. We've built our system to be as flexible as possible so coaches can review your profile and connect with you without having to log in, which they asked for.

We recommend including the assistant coaches on your messages as they are more likely to review your video first and advance you onto their team's radar. Recruits that join via their club team can copy their coach; individual recruits will still have their coach info present.

Try to message coaches with new, relevant information, such as new highlight videos, transcripts and a list of events your attending during the summer and fall.

When drafting your message, view our coach messaging tips and compliance reality.