Merge two 10-play highlights into 20-play

If you have two 10-play highlight video credit and would like to merge them to one 20-play highlight video, please message us with a link to your recruit profile for us to do this.

If you have multiple open highlight videos and want to switch which highlight video you are building, click edit on the video you want to work on within the status tab of your highlight video builder.

College coaches have shared with us that 10 plays is typically enough for them to evaluate a player, advance them onto their radar in order to seek them out at events (why complete your recruit calendar). Profiles have unlimited video uploads so additional clips can be added on the profile videos tab.

If you have less than 10 or 20 clips, select X Skip this Clip in dropdown on clips tab of the builder.

Questions on a building a highlight, watch our video tutorial. Note: design updated; functionality same.